Our Credibility is built on the ongoing success of our Business Experience. Its keywords are: Shinraisei in Japanese (Credibility, authenticity, confidence, reliability)

The Excellence of our Specialists and our Management Team form the basis to our Professional know-how and Business Experience. Whereas most individuals are motivated primarily by Profit, those who work within our structures are essentially motivated by the outstanding Quality of their work and the unusual Excellence of their achievement. In full modesty, our daily challenge is to operate to the highest possible standards of Excellence. Some call it Swiss perfectionism. We simply consider it our mission to be better than others. And we enjoy it. That is what motivates us.

Whereas the notion of Ethics seems to have become something new and fashionable nowadays, our company enjoys an all-time natural tradition to question all aspects which make the concept of Ethics and their interpretation throughout various political and cultural systems. Our exceptional Multi-cultural and Multi-lingual background allows us, prior to taking a standpoint on any major decisions, to analyse the multiple facetted implications and the reality of Ethics in the given situation, be these legal, social, human, political, environmental or other. We can testify that we have frequently refused to sign profitable business contracts for ethical reason. Therefore, we are proud to honour our motto: we think global, we act local.

Performance seems to be a Leitmotiv to profit and to greed in many Management decisions. When founding our company in 1983, we considered that Performance should not be a simple shortcut to Profit but should have Sustainable Development as key-objective, based upon a balanced and Socially Responsible action. As some recent spectacular financial debacles have shown, the concept of Performance as defined by Sidéco S.A. has proven to be the only successful path to credibility, success and respectability.