Our Company concentrates its current Business efforts around the following 4 directions of its core Mainstream Business Experience in which Sidéco S.A. excels on a win-win basis:

Our experience is directly related to both Macro Economy and Micro Economy. Rather than concentrating on net profit, we prefer to apply universal values, leaving the trans-nationals, multinationals and other conglomerates be what they are. We swiftly apply instant market response to new technologies, then integrate these into larger realizations and new concepts. Our companyʼs leading international Business Experience in sustainable development and added value can be yours on a win-win basis.

We anticipate progress: we favour and focus on new environmentally friendly projects, products, technologies and services which will dominate tomorrowʼs market, create new jobs with added values, allow new forms of human, material, scientific and social progress and new forms of business. We promote progress in a socially responsible way with an open mind wherever suitable and required. We prepare the future. For you and for us. We progress together. On a win-win basis.

Our activities are set to favour clean technologies, eco-friendly projects and carbon offset, with the aim to maximize environmental benefits and to meet the ever growing global awareness of various factors of climate change. One of the worldʼs fastest growing business potentials is precisely in these fields due to growing interest caused by the urgency to find and implement efficient solutions which may apply world-wide, in both developed and developing economies. If humanity wants to survive, it shall need to adapt. On a win-win basis.

Until recently the notion of Prosperity was mainly limited to financial and material aspects. After the latest world economy debacles, new trends start to include sustainable quality of life and degree of satisfaction. Something we have been applying for three decades. Therefore our companyʼs reputation allows us to cooperate with all forms of entities, including governments, official and state-controlled structures, non-profit organizations: Collective prosperity and individual prosperity can be fully compatible with mutual success and Sustainable Prosperity. On a win-win basis.