Binding Commitments
Binding Commitments

Sidéco S.A. has been serving communities on a mutual win-win basis since three decades. With full commitment. With full trust. With full success. We think global and we act local.

Our Binding Commitment is to be:

A Socially Responsible Company
Wherever our business activities may take us, we enjoy working with younger generations who have fresh ideas and include educational and social programs for the benefit of local communities.

An Economically Responsible Company
Greed has devastated the world. We believe that our world economy cannot grow endlessly and that growth cannot remain concentrated in only a handful of countries and companies. Therefore we favour the creation of sustainable wealth shared with each region of our planet.

An Environmentally friendly Company
We are actively committed to contribute to climate change mitigation and to promote new business technologies and new activities which will allow to positively face the future of generations to come.

A Global Company
Strategic decisions are usually taken at the very highest governmental and inter-governmental levels. Being instrumental in pursuing the above commitment and objectives requires being global, innovative and experienced at all levels of society. Both horizontally and vertically. Allowing Economy – Progress – Ecology – Prosperity to match with making a better world.