Business Profile
Business Profile

Sidéco S.A. has a discreet yet highly efficient business profile, focused on:

  • Excellence
  • Ethics
  • Performance

Sidéco S.A. operates dynamically out of one of the worldʼs most politically friendly environments, where the standard of excellence, the quality of life and the quality of work, go together with success and performance. This rare combination promotes understanding, peace of mind and harmony and allows us to succeed where others need to speculate aggressively.

Sidéco S.A. is a service oriented company, operating exclusively on a Principal-to-Principal basis and as a strategic decision-maker. The companyʼs entrepreneurial spirit also allows us to enter any field as a business initiator and as an investor, or as a combination of these. As such our business profile is innovative with no boundaries. We are free to select our field of activity and our objectives. We are free to select our market. We are free to select our business partners.

The companyʼs management has a strong dynamic ability to adapt to the evolution and trends of our worldʼs global business potential with a broad view of professional opportunities. These are handled successfully out of Geneva with a sophisticated and open-minded international network at top-levels around the globe. Our Business Profile is global, international, strategic, ethical, ecological, financial, legal, political, scientific, humanitarian and socially responsible.

We are neither re-sellers, nor intermediaries. As such, we think global and we act local, in the widest sense of business and human understanding and practise, as global entrepreneurs: we are involved from the beginning to the end of each phase of the business.