Our Network is illustrated by the people who form (and have formed) our Company: multi-lingual, multi-cultural, well educated, mixing several generations each with its own high-profile background. We operate within a top-level network around the globe, where the limits depend only on our free choice. Sidéco S.A. is known as The Swiss Company with no boundaries.

Freedom of Choice was the fundamental decision on which Swiss Democracy was built in 1291. Simple and sophisticated, determined and reliable, the country has successfully pursued this multiple and yet common objective. It still forms the basis of the way we operate today: the way trust is strengthened by sharing common values and interest. Our network is solid and reliable. The following mainstream concepts form the platform to our core activities:

  • Economy
  • Progress
  • Ecology
  • Prosperity

Freedom of Choice allows a dynamic and interactive network of highest possible standards to be an integral element of our operations with mutual benefit to our company, our network partners, our clients and humanity in its globality. And to meet the ever growing global awareness that it can be profitable to maximize the environmental benefits, independently from any political, social, religious, ethnical or other considerations. Simultaneously simple and sophisticated, we jointly and successfully pursue this multi-level objective.

Our world-wide network is built upon this profile. Each partner selected around the planet represents a significant and sustainable added value to our global network, be it ethical, financial, legal, political, strategic, ecological, scientific, humanitarian or other. And benefits from it when a potential collaboration becomes an operational and financially rewarding reality.