EcoPro Applications

Applicants must be aware that we take into consideration the cultural and legal particularities of each Region and country and that the Application may therefore be subject to certain restrictions in certain situations, without necessarily affecting our global Application Policy. As a general rule, all applications which include a complete CV and a hand-written Letter of Motivation written in English or French language, completed by a recent picture, will be studied. In addition, it is strongly advisable to have at least a strong Latin American cultural interest and a practical speaking knowledge of the Spanish language.

IMPORTANT: To reduce overhead expenses and limit non-productive work, no postal mail will be sent or returned to the Applicant. ECOPROSUISSE commits itself to make no other use of any document nor to communicate any information to any third party, without the express consent of the concerned Applicant. In case the Application has the potential to correspond to any effective needs at a particular time, we shall directly contact the Applicant for a follow-up in the appropriate manner.