The Amazon rainforest by itself encompasses 1.2 billion acres (7 million km2) with parts located within nine nations, including most of which ECOPROSUISSE has been active since 2002. It represents over half of the planetʼs remaining rainforests. The region is home to more than half of the 10 million species of plants, animals and insects. Some experts estimate that one square-kilometre may contain some 90,000 tons of living plants and some 450,000 species of plants of economic and social interest have been registered in the region so far. One in five of all birds in the world live in the rainforests of Amazon. It is described as the lungs of the world .

In addition, each day fields where once wheat and cereals grew are being destroyed by a worldʼs population which is expected to reach 12 billion in 2054 or 150 more mouths to feed each minute. Not reacting now is stealing our childrenʼs future. Biodiversity is a key issue to survival of humanity during the next generations.