BLUE Projects

Since our planet exists, nobody can live without clean and healthy water: water is the source of life.

Within the next 20 years, almost two billion additional people will need to eat and drink, using the same amount of water that is currently available. Each and every minute 150 new additional mouths need fresh drinking water. We anticipate the evolution of our planet. We adapt swiftly. We enter new ventures, new technologies, new priorities, new challenges, new thinking, new Strategic Activities. We think global, we act local.

Water is Life
Each year, some five million people die of water-related diseases. Water is becoming one of the worldʼs most polluted common resources. Humanity rapidly increases in numbers and needs more clean drinking water each day, while it becomes increasingly scarce. Water shortages are popping up all over the globe. Having a reliable source of water has become imperative. Water is life. We need water. Clean water. We are water (essentially water molecules, from a scientific point of view).

World Water Market
The World Water Market grows twice as fast as the world Oil Market between now and 2030 and is expected to reach some 6.9 Trillion cubic m/year, equivalent to 119 million barrels of daily demand. Therefore, measured by volume, the World Water Market could be up to one thousand times bigger than the Oil Market by 2030.

Water Asset Class
New technologies come to the market, offer new opportunities and new forms of social independence. Sidéco S.A. has set as a priority to actively contribute to improve drinking water security in close collaboration with experts, communities, universities, institutional and private investors. The company does not only want to supply clean and healthy water but also to actively create new jobs in a New Asset Class offering an interesting yield and competitive return on investment throughout several decades to come. When stock markets rise and fall we all need to protect our assets. The Blue projects which have been selected by Sidéco S.A. bring innovative answers, fast-growing, environmental friendly and rewarding solutions to tomorrowʼs dramatic challenges and priorities.

Water Production
Sidéco S.A. has set up a strategic partnership with OAQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES S.A. , a company specializing in water production in the drinking water markets of Central and South America as well as the entire Caribbean Region. Clean drinking water is the Source of Life .