Tree of Life

Tree of Life and Miracle Tree are two of the many names given to the slender Moringa trees, also known as Horseradish or Drumstick trees. Native to the Indian sub-continent, the Moringa tree may well be unheard of to most of the Western world. Deforestation and climate change can be mitigated instantly: Moringa seeds have no dormancy period. Trees are grown anytime throughout the year from seed or cuttings. They can bear fruit within the first year and reach 4 meters in height in just ten months after the seed is planted. Average height reaches 12 meters at maturity. Global potential is massive. We have many sites available to nurse and grow these trees.

Sidéco S.A. has selected this tree for its Green projects. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses on our planet and one of the worldʼs most useful and nutritious crops, mainly in the tropics and in semi-arid tropical and sub-tropical areas. Also on saline land and even waste land without ample rainfall or additions of fertiliser. The tree can survive blistering heat, desiccating dryness and destitute soils which require only minimal water to survive. It also is a fierce power bloomer. It can rapidly create hundreds of jobs. All parts of Moringa are edible and can be used for oil, lubricants, fibre, water purification or medicine (including alternative therapies in the prevention of cancer). Its nutritional and medicinal benefits are undisputable and the oil extracted from Moringa seeds is used as a source of second generation Biodiesel and are projected to become Japan and Koreaʼs dominant source of Biodiesel in the future. With a higher recovery and quality of oil than other crops and no direct competition with food crops, it does not suffer the toxicity of other sources such as the frequently advertised Jatropha. Think differently. Think GREEN .


Moringa leaves in particular are a rich and inexpensive source of micronutrients and human food. Fresh leaves have 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots; 7 times the vitamin C of oranges; 4 times the calcium of milk; 3 times the potassium of bananas. Dried leaves have 10 times the Vitamin A of carrots; 17 times the calcium of milk; 15 times the potassium of bananas; and 25 times the iron of spinach. Amongst the many other uses it can be animal feeds; seeds; water purifier; health drink; natural fertiliser; natural pesticide; cosmetics; skin care and perfume oil, etc.

Sidéco S.A. sees this deciduous tree or shrub as a Low-risk, High Return Ethical Investment potential, possibly the best available to private and institutional investors. We deal directly on a Joint-Venture basis with local and indigenous communities which are interested to develop their land in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner and to create a new source of prosperity through a continuous harvest and growth cycle. A small investment can produce a lifetime return. Not only for you, but also for others. Think differently, Think GREEN .