It is a pleasure to personally welcome you and to thank you for consulting our website. It is worthwhile reading it and it will give you access to a treasure of information and business potential.

Our company was founded in 1983: improving our common future is our objective in its globality and not in a selfish way with limited personal interests and short-term profit. Our cultural differences are an exceptional asset, not a barrier. Our spirit is without boundaries, allowing maximizing the environmental benefits and the ecological impact of the latest Blue and Green technologies. We respect bio-diversity, fight climate change and promote social progress. How?

Our vision is to operate in an exciting new world which needs to be built with a new concept. The challenge to adapt to a new philosophy has become essential to the survival of our planet and of humanity. The Sidéco Group of Companies was amongst the very first companies in the world to adapt to this new worldwide concept: we think global and we act local. Whereas many major players continue to think local and act global.

Our markets may be anywhere on this planet; our products and services may originate from any region of our world. Our staff and management may be from any country in the world; with a different cultural background; and based anywhere around the world. This is how we see our world, which is also your world. We are a global company in a new global world.

Our vision has become a reality: a world in which we obtain sustainable results and welcome solid and reliable partners who share our vision and represent a significant and permanent added value.

André Schneider,
The Sidéco Group of Companies